The Petal camera appeared on the market in 1948.  It was a tiny, round camera about the size of a US quarter -- believe it or not!  It was similar to the Sakura Petal and the Evarax, which were the same camera in an octagonal body.  It had a fixed-focus 12mm (f5.6) lens.  Speeds could be set at B and I and it produced six, 6mm circular images on a 25mm film disc in a special cassette. Marked PETAL on face plate.  And accessories were available, such as a camera case and a film disc cutter.  The Petal is so small, in fact, that it is listed in The Guinness Book of World Records as being the smallest camera ever produced.  How it came to be listed as the smallest camera in the world is quite a story in itself.  But rather than give a mere summary, we'll let the guy who owned the camera give you all the details himself.  

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