This section of the SUBCLUB gives you details on nearly EVERY subminiature camera -- past and present.   For the purposes of this site, a subminiature camera is arbitrarily defined as any still camera that exclusively uses a single film format smaller than 16.7mm x 30.2mm (the size of the APS format).  At this time, this definition excludes stereo cameras (even if the film format is smaller that APS), cameras with multiple formats (such as the Konica Autoreflex which shoots full-frame and half-frame images), small full-frame 35mm cameras (such as the Olympus XA and Rollei 35 series), cameras that can take still and moving pictures (even though they use 16mm or 8mm film), all of the APS format cameras, and other hybrids.

There are literally thousands of different subminiature cameras that meet our current definition. They can be grouped in many way, such as by size, weight, image size or features.  Here they are placed in categories based on the size of film that they used -- from 35mm on down.  This is NOT to be confused with the size of the image that they produced on that film! For example, some cameras that used 16mm film had an image size of 12x17mm, others 10x10mm.  Some cameras that used 35mm film had a image size of 18x24mm, others 16x16mm.  If you are trying to find a particular camera, you first need to know what film size the camera used. If you don't know this, use the search feature at the bottom of this page.  Cameras are listed alphabetically, but might be listed under the camera model name or the company name, and are often listed under both.  

The information that we have is as up-to-date as possible.  Sometimes it is very difficult to obtain complete or accurate information about particular cameras.  If you have additional information than that listed here, please contact us.  The information on this list consists of technical data and historical information only.  The current market value of cameras is not listed, and the SUBCLUB is not designed to provide pricing information. For pricing information, please check out the LIBRARY section of the SUBCLUB.  If you are interested in finding a User Manual for a camera, lens, flash, etc. you might find one -- or a similar one -- at this great website.  It doesn't have one for every sub-mini ever made, but it sure has a LOT:


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