DATELINE 1972 -- Kodak reduced the popular INSTAMATIC camera to pocket size with the introduction of five different KODAK Pocket INSTAMATIC Cameras, using a new KODAK 110 Film Cartridge - the line was so popular that more than 25 million cameras were produced -- in under three years!

The good news is that 110 cameras are still being made by several companies. None of these cameras are super performers, such as the Pentax 110, but many do have interesting features, such as super-small size or strange and colorful designs. For example, Kodak recently announced a new 110 camera for kids. The bottom line here is that 110 film will continue to be manufactured for some time. For information about new 110 cameras, you can try your local discount stores or try the manufacturers directly, such as KODAK or CONCORD or ANSCO, but with so many super-quality used 110's available for super-prices, why buy new?

The bad news is that 110 film is currently only available in a few types, all color negative :

You'll also see various 110 films under different names, such as Walgreen's, Kmart, or CVS. These are really just someone else's 110 film that has been repackaged.  

 And there is more good news.  110 cassettes can be reloaded.  Check out the DARKROOM for details.

For the time being, you can also get 110 film in the ISO 100 speed.  Check out the NEWSTAND about this. Kodak also has a website with infomation on their 110 films.

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