FUJI AXES 110 FILM? (3/26/99)

Just a few months after introducing a new 110 film, it looks like Fuji has decided to put their 110 film production on the back burner. You can still find it on retailers shelves, but it's one more indication that 110 is fading into photographic history.  All information about 110 film has been removed from the Fuji websites, and consumers who call are either told that it is no longer produced or that they plan to continue producing 110 film 'in limited' quantities for the 'foreseeable future' -- whatever that means.  So who knows.  I guess it's just another multi-national that won't give the consumer the straight story.  

Too bad, but the Fuji 110 cassettes are not the easiest reload anyway.  But you CAN do it -- check out the DARKROOM for details.  

Fortunately, there is still plenty of 110 out there -- for now!  Check out the CAMERA SHOP for details on this.

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