Many people want to know the current market value of the subminiature camera.  It seems like a simple enough question, but it isn't.  If is was simply a question of how rare is the camera, it would be hard enough to answer.  But, there are literally thousands of different cameras and no one can follow the market and keep track of all the used camera sales to know what a camera's worth is.  The same camera might sell for pennies at a garage sale, but for thousands at a well-publicized auction, such as Christie's.  So what's the value of your camera?  It depends a lot on where and how it is sold.  It also depends on the cosmetic and mechanical condition of the camera.  A camera in pristine cosmetic shape with all of its functions working perfectly can bring ten times as much as one that is beat up.  What the camera brings also depends on to whom and when the camera is sold.  If you sell to an individual or shop that only plans to resell it, you won't get as much as if you sell to someone who wants to add it to their collection.  

In short, the worth of the camera depends on how you define "worth".  How much YOU can sell it for will be a lot less than what Christie's can sell it for.  When an "expert" sets the value of a camera it is an estimate as to these -- and several other -- market factors.  The 110 Mickey-Matic is a good example.  While it is listed as worth $40 in some price guides, the regularly sells for $4 in online auctions.  

So, the answer to the question is -- IT DEPENDS!

With that introduction, the SUBCLUB does not provide any sort of pricing service. Please do not contact us with questions regarding the worth of your camera.  It is a complicated matter and best left to those knowledgeable in the field.  There are a wide variety of pricing services available, but do not bet your retirement on them.  Some are books (see the LIBRARY), others are individuals and businesses.  Just remember that an individual or a business that also sells cameras has a vested interest in lowering the estimate of the market value.  Here is one service that we recommend:

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