Welcome to the Sub Club.  We hope you enjoy your exploration into the fascinating world of subminiature cameras.  Unlike most sites on the Web (filled with "smoke and mirrors" that take hours to download, graphic-links upon graphic-links leading nowhere, advertisements galore that lead you in circles, etc.) the Sub Club is content-oriented.  To top it all off, access to the Sub Club is completely free, so explore away!  There really IS such a thing as a free lunch.

The Subclub is an electronic network of subminiature camera photographers and enthusiasts.  It was put on-line in 1995 and is the result of the efforts of numerous shutterbugs from around the world.  The art and information on these pages is the combined efforts of many people working together.  As a result, authorship credit is not given to any of the material on these pages.  Most of the pages on this site are a collaboration of several people, constantly being added to and corrected over time.  Consequently, it is impractical to assign credit to specific individuals.  The information on this website comes from an idiosyncratic amalgamation of numerous sources, such as books, articles, and product literature, as well as personal experience, correspondence, and opinion.  Nothing on this website is copied directly or indirectly from these copyrighted materials, nor it is merely reworded or plagiarized.  

The purpose of the Sub Club is to share information about this "hidden" photographic format. For the purposes of this site, a subminiature camera is arbitrarily defined as any still camera that exclusively uses a single film format smaller than 16.7mm x 30.2mm (the size of the APS format).  At this time, this definition excludes stereo cameras (even if the film format is smaller that APS), cameras with multiple formats (such as the Konica Autoreflex which shoots full-frame and half-frame images), small full-frame 35mm cameras (such as the Olympus XA and Rollei 35 series), cameras that can take still and moving pictures (even though they use 16mm or 8mm film), all of the APS format cameras, and other hybrids.

The SUBCLUB does NOT offer any other services than what is listed on these pages.  It does NOT offer any type of camera appraisal service.  It does not sell cameras or supplies -- new or used.  

Free speech on the web is especially important to photographers.  As artists, censorship limits our ability to fully explore our creative potential and share it with others.  Individually our power is limited, but together we can prevent proposed legislation that would restrict our right to display our work. Click on the blue ribbon icon for more information.

Here's a graph showing how the SUBCLUB has been growing over time.

Although all of the information on the SUBCLUB has been provided by knowledgeable volunteers and is offered to the public for free, it takes cold, hard cash to put the SUBCLUB on the web.  Space on the internet is not free.  You can help support this coalition depending on whether you are a potential commercial sponsor or a regular individual viewer.  As an individual, we encourage you to visit our SPONSORS page to find out more about the submini services that they offer.  As an business, we encourage you to visit our COMMERCIAL AD INFORMATION page to find out more about placing an ad for your services.

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