We are a small company just outside of Hong Kong, China. We make small, inexpensive film slitters in the following formats:

35mm to 16mm -- one strip

35mm to Minox (9.25mm) -- two strips

35mm to Hit (17.5mm) -- one strip

120 to 16mm -- four strips

120 to Hit (17.5mm) -- three strips

Here is a sample slitter (120 to 16mm). The slitter is about the size of a baseball and made from plexiglass. The surface is covered with a slick plastic covering to prevent scratches to the film. It has has a slip-on cover that is held is place with light pressure from the thumb. The film is pulled through the slitter and cut to the required length. The blades are replaceable by loosening the bolts on the bottom, but at these prices, why bother? Just order another.


Any film slitter is only $20 plus $10 shipping from China to the US, for a total of $30 per slitter. (five dollars extra to Canada and $10 extra to the rest of the world). Airmail delivery takes about 7-10 for delivery directly from China. No matter how you place an order, make sure to include a note as to EXACTLY what you want and where to send it.


Sorry, we do not accept any credit cards for any purchases. You have different payment options depending on your location :

IF YOU ARE IN THE US (or APO), your payment options are:

1. personal check (to Joe McGloin): 3271 S. Clay St.    Sheridan, CO    80110  
2. cash
3. money order
4. You can make a PAYPAL payment (to account XKAES@AOL.COM) if you do NOT use a credit card for the payment

IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE THE US, your payment options are:

1. international money order is US dollars (to Joe McGloin)
2. cash
3. personal check  -- IF drawn on US bank (to Joe McGloin)
4. You can make a PAYPAL payment (to account XKAES@AOL.COM) if you do NOT use a credit card for the payment..