Igor's Camera Exchange has a wide variety of subminiature camera and accessories for your needs.  Here's a recent list of subminiature cameras and accessories we have at Igor's.  Please contact us for our current inventory -- or for more information.

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Minox BL chrome #1206465, Minox 15/3.5, case, chain, Mint- $450.

Minox B black #947904, honeycomb meter, case, flash, box, Mint- $395.

Minox B chrome #929060, honeycomb meter, case, chain, Ex+ $150.

Minox B chrome #897812, "feet", honeycomb meter, box, manual, Mint $210.

Minox B chrome #839180, case, Ex+ $150.

Minox B chrome #732446, "meters", case, chain, Ex++ $170.

Minox B chrome #708670, case, chain, Ex++ $170.

Minox B chrome #629040, "feet", case, chain, Mint- $190.

Minox IIIs chrome #140832, "feet", case, chain, Mint- $270.

Minox IIIs chrome #110063, "feet", Ex++/Mint- $230.

Minox IIIs chrome #100795, "feet", Ex $165.

Minox IIIs chrome #72006, "feet", case, chain, Ex+ $185.

Minox III chrome #48046, "meters", chain, just CLA, Mint- $310.

Minox III chrome #32456, "meters", case, chain, just CLA, Mint $350.

Minox II chrome #20808, "meters", case, chain, Mint- $449.

Minox RIGA #5066, "feet", Minostigmat 15/3.5, dent, case, Ex $875.

Minox RIGA #14383, "meters", Minostigmat 15/3.5, Ex++ $1150.

Minox-35AL WHITE, the "Doctor's Minox", box, like NEW $175.

Minox HP-24 slide projector, remote, slide trays, Ex+ $375.

Minox Developing Tank, thermometer, box, manual, Mint- $100.

Minox Developing Tank, box, manual, Ex+ $85.

Minox III Right Angle finder, black, box, Ex $249.

Minox III Right Angle finder, chrome, Mint $95.

Minox B Right Angle finder Mirror, metal, box, Mint $70.

Minox B Right Angle finder, plastic, box, Mint $40.

Minox B Reflex 45* finder, box, Mint $80.

Minox Copy Stand, box, Ex++ $120.ea

Minox-Six Meter, red case, chain, non-working, Ex++ $60.

Minox Meter #47814, case, chain, Mint- $69.

Minox Meter #49855, case, chain, Mint- $69.

Minox Tripod, camera adapter, case, Mint- $65.

Minox tripod Adapter, box, Mint $25.

Minox Binocular adapter, box, Mint $60.

Minox B Filters set: Orange, Yellow, Blue, box, Mint $60.ea

Minox B Color Correction Filters set: R3, R6, B6, box, Mint $50.ea

Minox C Filters set: R3, Green, R6, case, Ex+ $60.

Minox B black belt case, Ex $29.

Minox B brown belt case, Mint- $25.

Minox B brown case, Mint- $25.

Minox B green case, chain, Mint- $75.

Minox III/IIIs green case, chain, Ex+ $100.

Minox Loupe/Viewer, box, Mint- $40. ea

Minox Transparency Cutter, box, Mint- $40.

Minox Flash Gun, BLACK, Ex++ $55.

Book "Small Minox Big Pictures", Ex $50.


Tessina-35 Automatic, chrome, case, Ex++ $475.

Tessina-35 Automatic, chrome, case, Ex- $375.

Tessina Prism, box, Ex/Ex+ $275.

Tessina 8x Loupe Magnifier, box, Ex/Ex+ $250.

Tessina Tripod Plate/Adapter, chain, Ex $100.

Tessina watch strap, black, Ex+ $100.

Tessina 35mm cassettes, Ex $20.ea


Minolta-16 P, case, box, close-up, Ex++/Mint- $40.

Minolta-16, type-I, chrome, case, Ex+/Ex++ $25.ea

Minolta-16, type-II, chrome, filters, case, Ex+/Ex++ $35.ea


LeCoultre Compass #3158, USA version, ground glass, 828 film back, Ex/Ex+ $1795.

Compass Ground Glass Back, Ex- $345.

Crystar" case, box, new $35.ea

Gami-16, 2 cassettes, case, chain, manual, Ex+ $520.

Gami-16 Flash Adapter, Ex+ $140.

KGB Camera F-21 #T79074, cassette, Ex/Ex- $225.

Stereo Microma-16, model-II, cutter, close-up, viewer, case, box, Mint- $375.

"Emson", case, box, new $39.

EXPO Police camera ENLARGER, box, Ex++ $420.

Goerz Minicord-III, case, extra cassettes, Ex- $175.

Goerz Minicord-III, box, extra cassettes, instruction manual, Mint- $295.

Minicord Flash Bracket, Ex $50.

Kolt, Anastigmat 25/4.5, made in occupied Japan, case, Ex $400.

Mungus Color-65, Som Bertliot 20/2.8, Mint- $190.

MEC-16, gold, chain, box, Mint $175.

MIGHTY, MIOJ, case, Ex+/Ex++ $125.

Mamiya-16, 1st type, case, Ex $70.ea

Mamiya-16 Automatic, case, Ex $50.

Mamiya-16 GOLD & BLACK, film door broken, case, Ex+ $75. as-is

Micro-16, chrome, case, Ex/Ex+ $45. ea

Micro-16, GREEN, case, Ex/Ex- $90.

Micro-16, GREEN, Ex- $60.

Minute-16, box, Ex+ $45.ea

Rollei-16, filters, case, chain, Ex++ $85.

Sakura Petal, round body, MIOJ, Ex+ $310.

Sakura Petal, octagonal body, MIOJ, Ex+ $420.

Steky-16, model-III, made in Japan, case, Ex+ $125.

Steky-16, model-IIIA, filter, case, Ex+/Ex++ $125.

Steky-16, model-III, MIOJ, filter, case, Ex++ $125.

Stylophot-16, film, instruction manual, box, Mint- $195.

Stylophot-16, filter, instruction manual, case, box, Mint $225.

Ticka, chrome, w/o Finder, Ex- $275.

Tone, made in occupied Japan, case, Ex $100.

Tone, made in occupied Japan, case, box, manual, Mint $185.

Toyoca-16, hood, film, tripod, manual, box, Mint $275.

Tynar, box, Ex++ $35.

Yashica-16, case, box, Ex++ $59.

Yashica "ATORON", accessories, box, Ex+ $70.

Mec-16 single metal cassette, Ex++ $25.ea

Minicord-III single metal cassette, Ex+ $25.ea

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