KMZ Zorki 12

(1967) KMZ made a very successful series of cameras -- the Zorki's.  These were full-frame 35mm cameras and each model improved on the previous model.  The Zorki 12 was the last of the Zorki series, but it was not just a modification of the Zorki 11.  It was a whole redesign.  It had a focusing 28mm (f2.8) lens.  Close-focusing to 0.8 meters.  Shutter speeds of 1/30 - 1/250.  The built-in selenium meter around the lens set the aperture after the shutter speed is selected.  Cold flash shoe and PC contact. Since one half of the camera is black and the other half chrome, it looks like the camera is somehow snapped together.  It used Agfa rapid film cassettes which were unavailable in Russia at the time.  No wonder the camera didn't sell well.  Only about 7,000 cameras were produced, so the Zorki 12 is difficult to find.

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