Zenix Zoom TS

The Zoom TS was one of a handful of 110 cameras that came with a zoom lens.  But unlike the Minolta and Pentax 110 zoom lens cameras, which were SLR designs, the Zenix Zoom TS was more like the Fuji 110 cameras with a zoom lens.  They were strictly viewfinder/rangefinder cameras.  The Zenix Zoom TS has a seven element, 25-42mm f:5.6 zoom lens with three aperture settings -- f5.6, f9.5, and f16.  These are set by selecting from three different weather symbols on the top of the camera. This did not adjust the shutter speed in any way.  There are two speeds -- 1/125 and 1/250 -- which are selected by the film speed tab on the 110 cassette.  ISO 100 gives 1/125, while ISO 400 selects 1/250.  No meter needed.  The lens focuses from infinity to two feet.  It was also sold with other names, such as the Petri PF Zoom, Porst Zoompocket 200, Petri zoom 110 2S, Carena Zoomex Pocket, and Keystone Zoom 66.

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