Magnacam Wristamatic Model 30

(1981) A unique mini-camera, aptly called the Wristamatic because you actually wear it on the wrist. It is mounted on a wristband, worn like a watch and is always "on hand" for active sports. travel, sightseeing -- just lift. frame and snap. According to Mr. Bernard Seckendorf, President of Magnacarn, and the inventor, the Wristamatic is the only camera of its type that does everything: fixed focus, film advance, protects against double exposure. In addition, the Wristamatic is the only camera with a patented magnetic shutter with only one moving part and unaffected by heat or cold. Fixed shutter speed of 1/100.  Its 20mm lens (f11) fixed-focus lens has a depth-of-field from 5 feet to infinity.  A large, easy-to-use viewfinder sits on top of the camera. Its round, drop-in film cassette, the filmdisk, rotates like a record on a spindle. The camera produces six 10mm circular images on a 1 1/4 inch round disc of film with a hexagonal cut in the center for the spindle. Only one type of film was produced for the camera -- Magna 112 color print film ASA 100(21 DIN).  But the cassettes can be reloaded, so any 100 ISO film can be used for outdoor shooting. Originally, the camera came with processing mailers.  The filmdiscs were mailed in for processing by Magnacam and round 4 inch prints were returned.  Even if the camera could produce quality pictures, this amounted to an expensive weak link in the chain.  The main problem with the camera, other than the poor picture quality, is the weak latch on the camera-film chamber. This has a nasty habit of breaking -- making the camera useless. The Wristamatic Model 30 was designed to be the first of a line of Wristamatic camera products by Magnacam.  For example, they planned to produce a Wristamatic with a flash attachment, but apparently the Model 30 was the only production model.  The Wristarriatic came with a collar-button wriststrap and metal buckle for quick fastening and ease of operation, 3 filmdisks (18 exposures), display box, and instruction book. The original manufacturer's suggested retail price was $39.95.

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