Ginrei Vesta cameras

(1950) The Vesta is one of the early Hit-type cameras -- or should I say "two of the early Hit-type cameras"?  There were two models and they appeared shortly after the end of the War.  The basic features were the same on both versions.  They had a fixed-focus, 20mm (f4.5) lens, which is quite "fast" for a 17.5mm camera.  They had the typical shutter speeds of B and 1/25.  The difference between the two models?  One had a plain viewfinder while the other had a dual viewing system.  It has a normal eye-level viewfinder but a waist-level finder has been added to the top, as well.  This can function as a spy-finder in a pinch.  It is not known if these two models were produced at the same time.

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