Kunik Tuximat

The Tuxi line of cameras, made by Kunik, evolved from Kunik's Petie series.  (Talk about a missing link -- there was even a Petietux camera)  The Tuximat was the advanced model in the Tuxi line.  It appeared in 1959.  It has a high-quality 25mm (f7.7 - 16) lens with two shutter speeds of B and 1/50 -- marked M on the shutter. It is nearly identical to the original Tuxi, but it includes a tiny selenium meter on the top.  There is a simple meter readout on the top of the camera with three film speeds settings -- 40, 100, and 200.  Depending on the film speed, the needle will point to a white, a yellow or a green area.  The aperture settings are marked as yellow (f16?) or green (f7.7) and you select a setting based on where the needle falls.  In the white areas, the picture will be over or under exposed.  Like the original Petie of 1956, the Tuximat used 16mm paper-backed film.  Similar in size and shape to the 17.5mm Hit cameras, the Tuximat may well be the smallest 16mm camera with a built-in meter.  The camera has a flash synch connection, to boot.

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