Tessina 35 Automatic

The Tessina 35 Automatic is nearly identical to the other two models put out by Tessina.  The body is the same size (2 x 2 x 1 in.), and shape. The operation of the camera is the same.  And like the others, it uses a short strip of regular 35mm film that is put into a slim, plastic cassette.  It is a twin-lens reflex that produces 14x21mm images. The lens is a focusing Tessinon 25mm f2.8-22. On this model, focusing is from infinity to 12 inches. Shutter speeds are 1/2 - 1/500, plus B.   Focusing can be done in several ways:  A. waist-level viewing looking down through the TLR finder (also good as a spy finder), B. using the built-in, pop-up sports finder, C. using a special accessory high magnification finder.  The TLR finder is the same size as the negative, so it's difficult to use for accurate focusing purposes, but works quickly and easily for framing the shot.  Then set the distance on the right-hand dial on the camera top.  A built-in depth-of-field scale makes this a snap.  At f8, everything from infinity to 4 feet is in focus, for example.  Then select the aperture on the left-hand dial on the top of the camera.  Finally set the shutter speed with a dial on the back of the camera.  Press the shutter release on the front of the camera and with a whirr, the built-in, spring motordrive advances the film .  You get 5 - 8 exposues on each winding. For nearly silent operation, just keep your finger on the shutter release.  The picture is taken, but the film is not advanced.  The camera also has a cable release connection and a PC connection for a flash.  Accessories include: daylight film loader, wrist strap. meter, neck chain with tripod socket, hi-mag prism finder, filters, and more.  These cameras are not cheap -- new or used -- but once you use one, you're hooked.  You have an incredible selection of 35mm films with easy processing, and a full range of camera features -- all in a TINY package.

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