Submini developing reels are still being manufactured by several companies. If you use a submini format that uses 35mm film, such as half-frame, you can choose from any of the dozens of 35mm tanks and reels that are available. There are just too many to list them all here. For the smaller formats, you are still in luck, as many are still being made. For example, Minox still manufactures reels and tanks for their film format.

Yankee still makes a couple of tanks with 16mm/110 reels. You can use the Yankee Adjustable Film Developing Tank (formerly known as the Clipper) which comes with one plastic reel (adjustable from 16mm/110 to 35mm to 120/620) and a thermometer for about $13.  It only needs 5 oz. of developer for a 16mm roll of film!  The drawback is that it can only use one reel at a time.  Yankee also makes the Master Roll Film Tank (about $23) with two plastic reels. One reel adjusts from 16mm/110 to 35mm to 120/620, while the other is adjustable from 16mm/110 to 35mm only. This one does not come with a thermometer, but allows for invertion developing.  You'll need about 7 oz of developer per 16mm roll with this tank. Both are very easy to use. You shouild be able to order these from any sizeable camera store. If all else fails, you can buy it through Porter's Camera Shop at 1-800-553-2001.  Also Dorian Enterprises Inc. (2779 South 34th St. Milwaukee, WI 53215 -- 414-645-0109) carries the two Yankee tanks and adjustable reels that Porter's sells plus a third model.

In addition, Omega (marketed by Berkey) made a 110 stainless steel developing reel (useable for 16mm film).  Kinderman made a similar reel (marketed by Beseler) for the same film size.  Aetna made 110/16mm reels and tanks, as well, so you have a lot of options.  We have also heard of the Austrian-made Miniplex 16 developing tank. If you are a JOBO user, their 1510 tank holds 1-35 mm reel or 4 16mm/110 reels. Their 1502 reel is for 16mm/110.

Spiratone  "SP Systems"  (2600 Stayton St, Pittsburg, PA 15212 -- 800-221-9695) lists a couple of items of use to submini fans.  The first is a 16mm/110 stainless steel reel for $8.  They also sell a Daylight roll film Processor which will process up to 100 feet of film and can process 8mm, 16mm, 110, and 35mm film.  Maybe it can even handle 9.5mm.  It sells for $70.00.

Then there are people who make their own developing tanks and reels.  If you want information on this approach, check out the CREATIVE CORNER section of the SUBCLUB.

For used reels and tanks, check out the SWAPMEET or Shutterbug magazine.

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