Sylvania Disc VR100

Even Sylvania got into the Disc camera business.  In 1986, they produced the Disc VR100.  Well, to be honest, they didn't actually produce it.  It's really just a re-badged, bare-bones, Ansco camera.  Sylvania had never marketed a camera before, but felt it was an opportunity to make some money selling something that that actually did produce -- flash bulbs -- a dying product in 1986.  Most disc camera either opted to include a built-in flash or left it off completely.  The Disc VR100 picked a novel route by using a Flip-Flash -- which was about twice as big as the camera!  Needless to say, it never sold well since the flip-flash defeated the purpose of having a tiny camera.  Sylvania soon stopped selling their disc cameras, and not long after that, they stopped making flash bulbs.

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