(1949) The Snappy is a higher-quality 17.5mm camera in that is has adjustable shutter speeds and f-stops.  It is shaped like an Exakta 35mm camera and produces 14x14mm images.  It came with a a fixed-focus (about 10 feet), but interchangeable, screw-mount Optor 25mm (f3.5-16) lens, and had speeds of B, and 1/25 - 1/100.  A close-up lens was available for subject about 3 feet from the camera.  A focusing Cherry 40mm (f5.6-16) telephoto was also made.  It was made by the company that would later become Konica -- Konishiroku Photo.

The Snappy should not be comfused with the Snapy -- which was also a Japanese camera, but used the larger Bolta-sized film.

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