Ducati Simplex

Ducati opened an optics department in 1939, and had plans to market their first camera in 1941. But, due to the war and the military need, the official production and delivery to the public started in 1946.  Simplex production began in 1950.   So the Simplex qualifies as an early half-frame which helped move the half-frame format to a new level.  The Simplex was the simpler of the two half-frame cameras made by Ducati.  Its big brother -- the Sogno -- had many more features.  The Simplex came with a collapsing, non-interchangeable, focusing 35mm (f3.5) lens.  It had a simple viewfinder, unlike the Sogno's rangefinder.  Speeds of B, 1/25 - 1/250.  It was a manual camera with no meter and used special cassettes.  Obviously, the designer was left-handed!

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