Rubix 16

The original Rubix of 1947 used 17.5mm paper-backed roll film.  For some reason, in 1949, they decided to produce a 16mm version of the Rubix, and called it the Rubix 16.  It had the same basic shape as the original model -- it was shaped like a tiny Leica -- but there were several differences.  First, the film advance knob was moved from the right-hand-side of the camera to the left.  Second, while the lens was still a focusing 25mm optic, the maximum f-stop was changed from f2.8 to f3.5 (-16.0).  The shutter speeds were also changed to B, 1/25 - 1/125.  In addition, the speeds are now set on the lens instead of the camera body and the shutter release was moved from the body to the lens, as well.  But it still has a focusing lens.  Most importantly, this model used 16mm film in a pair of brass cassettes instead of paper-backed roll film.  The image size is 10x14mm.  Lastly, the tiny accessory shoe was gone from this model.  Sounds like a completely different camera, doesn't it?  Some of these cameras had a chrome finish and some had a dull, nickel finish with a tiny frame around the front of the viewfinder -- for some unknown reason.  Fortunately, all of these cameras are marked "for 16mm film" on the top to distinquish them from the earlier 17.5mm models.  

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