Kunik Petie

Some of the first cameras to come out of post-war Japan were the tiny, inexpensive, simply-made Hit-type cameras.  They were not designed for export, but rather for the impoverished home market. The same is true of the Petie camera, except for a few of the details.  First was the location -- post-war Germany.  Secondly, these cameras used 16mm film, instead of the 17.5mm film of the Hit-type cameras.  But like their Japanese cousins, the Petie used paper-backed film and created 14mmx14mm images.  The Petie was simply-made with a 20mm (f9.0) fixed-focus lens and a single shutter speed of 1/50.  The original model (1955) came with a meniscus lens which was later updated to an achromatic lens. It was available in grey or black with colorful trim. Accessories included a closeup lens, yellow filter, lens hood, table top tripod, and case.  This was the original model on which later Kunik models were based.

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