Olympus Pen Rapid EED

(1966) The Olympus Pen EED was a melding of the Pen E series, the Pen F series and the Pen D series -- in a very stylish package.  This camera took the lens from the Pen D and added the easy automatic exposure system of the Pen E series.  In order to accomplish this feat, they needed to put it all in the larger Pen F body!  The Pen E's lacked fast lenses and slow shutter speeds, while the Pen D's lacked automatic exposure.  This camera gave us the best of both worlds.  It has a fast 32mm (f1.7-22.0) manually-focusing lens with a sensitive CDS exposure system.  Close-focusing to 2.6 feet.  Speeds from 1/15-1/500.  The aperture and shutter speed are automatically selected by the meter in a programmed exposure system, from 1/15 at f1.7 to 1/500 at f16.  In fact, this was one of the first cameras to offer this sophisticated exposure method.  You still can select the f-stops in flash mode -- just like with most Pen E cameras.  The camera had a built in flash shoe, PC contact, cable release socket and self-timer for a complete set of photographic options.  Film speeds from 12 - 400.  It uses one 625 battery, and the lens takes a 43mm filter.  And talk about easy to use.  Just load the film, focus, and fire away.  Finally, no needles to match or dials to turn.  But don't try to use this camera without a battery, as the shutter is set electronically by the meter.  To make this camera even more unusual, it uses the Agfa Rapid cassettes.  Very few of these were made.  It was also available; as the Pen EED which used regular 35mm cassettes.

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