Minimax Pocket 110 EE

It's hard to believe, but the Minimax Pocket 110 EE is, really, a 110 format camera.  They called it a "POCKET" camera, but even Captain Kangaroo would have trouble getting it to fit.  It was made by Sugaya Optical Works in 1978.  It's enormous size did give it advantages over other 110 cameras, however.  First, is has one of the fastest lenses ever put on a 110 camera.  It's a focusing, multicoated, 32mm (f2.0) beauty.  Second, is the metering and exposure system.  The camera has a sensitive, CDS metering system that provides automatic exposure control -- using two 1.35 cells.  The Minimax Pocket 110 EE is one of the few 110 cameras that allow you to set the film speed -- in this case from ISO 64 - 400.  It's not a tremendous spread, but it does allow more exposure flexibility than other 110 cameras.  The shutter is electronic, with speeds of 1 second - 1/500, and it is automatically set by the metering system.  The viewfinder is large and bright, and the film advance has a double-exposure prevention device.   The camera also has a tripod socket and cable release connection.  In shape and size, it is very much like a 35mm rangefinder camera of the same period and was, most likely, the largest 110 camera ever.  An extra-large flash unit was available in case you still had room left in your pocket.  Minimax -- they chose the name appropriately.

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