Minolta ac 101 Courreges

This camera is basically a simplifies Minolta ac 301 Courreges. It came with a 12.5mm f2.8 lens and two shutter speeds -- 1/100 and 1/200 -- but the lens is fixed-focus. Since disc film was available in only one film speed, Minolta was able to construct an effective exposure control system using the CDS meter. In bright light, the shutter is set at 1/200 and the aperture at f6.  In lower light the built-in flash is triggered, the shutter is set at 1/100 and the aperture at f2.8.   The ac 101 was available in several pastel color schemes such as blue, green, yellow, beige and pink in a white-color wave pattern, accented with silver.  Even if you don't take pictures with it, it's nice just to look at.  Matching leather case and silver strap.

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