This last, and final, model of the Micron was the most common, and was made from 1968 through 1986.  While the original model was nearly identical to the Konica Eye, the model III evolved to show a few small differences.  For example, while the earlier models had a hinged film door, this version has a removeable back -- great if you have large fingers.  Otherwise the features are the same.  Focusing 30mm (f1.9) lens focusing to 3 feet.  Shutter speeds of B, 1/30 - 1/800.  Film speeds use the Soviet system (16 - 250).  The built-in selenium meter sets the shutter speed and the f-stop in a programmed exposure mode.  At 1/30 the f-stop is f1.9; at 1/800 the f-stop is f16.  For flash use, the apertures can be set manually with a 1/30 shutter.  The camera has a PC contact but no flash shoe. There is also a B setting for the shutter which sets the aperture at f1.9 -- great for night shots. Distance and auto shutter speed settings appear in the viewfinder, although you never know what f-stop gets set.  In low-light conditions a red flag covers up the shutter speeds and prevents exposure -- nice touches.  Also comes with tripod socket and cable release socket.  46mm filter thread.   It says Micron and FED on the front -- in Russian, of course. There was also a Fed Micron 2 which looks the same, but it is a full-frame version with a CDS meter. 

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