Konica Submarine F

Now here's a weird one.  There were several 110 cameras designed for underwater use, like the Minolta Weathermatic A.  These were all large, floating, bright yellow cameras, that are hard to lose.  Konica decided to "get aboard" with it's Submarine F.  But they took a much simpler route.  The Submarine is more of a keychain-type of 110 camera.  It's very small and very simple to operate.  It has a simple pop-up viewfinder -- like many keychain 110 cameras -- and an exposure switch on the front. One setting is for sunny conditions, the other for cloudy or underwater use.  But, for underwater use, you really need a flash, and the Submarine F meets the challenge with a special, tiny, water-proof flash unit.  This is the "F" in Submarine F.  Definitely one of the most unusual 110 cameras ever made.

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