Kicam Private Eye

This camera is a variant of the Secam Stylophot Color.  In fact, the only difference is that the camera is not marked "Stylophot" -- simply "Private Eye". All of the features are the same.   It has a fixed-focus 27mm lens.  Two aperture settings of f6.3 and f11.0 lens are selected with a lever below the lens.  The aperture settings are marked "COLOR" and "NOIR" instead of f6.3 and f11.0.  The B&W film of the time (ISO 25) used the "NOIR" (f11) setting, while color film (ISO 10) used the "COLOR" (f6.3) setting.  Depth-of-field is two feet to infinity.  Single speed of 1/50.  The film was advanced and the shutter cocked with an odd plate that slid in and out of the top of the camera.  When pressed into the camera, the viewfinder was blocked with a a red circle in the middle of the film advance plate.  It produced 10x10mm images on double perforated film in special cassettes.  It used the sprocket holes to push the film from one cassettes to the other.  Accessories included a film viewer, slide projector and filter. It was also sold as the Semac Private Eye, but it is not the same camera as the Secam Detective.

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