Protecting your submini negatives and slides is a little bit of a challenge. They are so small, it's easier to drop them or smudge them with fingerprints than standard-sized negatives. And it's more important to keep them dust free than it is for larger film sizes. Of course, you can stuff them in an envelope, but it's easy for them to scratch each other, and envelopes don't give the best protection from dust.. Then you have the problem of trying to make contact prints. In short, the less you have to touch your submini negatives, the better.

It's smartest to keep the negatives as protected as possible with negative preservers. With half frame and other "large" submini formats, you can use one of the MANY styles for 35mm film. If your submini slides are mounted, you have a wide selection of slide mount holders. For 16mm and 110 size films, you can still obtain 110 negative holders. BUT YOU BETTER HURRY, because they are no longer being manufactured! For all the details, check out the NEWSTAND.

If you want to order standard size holders, you can get a wide variety at just about any camera shop. For the widest selection, talk to LIGHT IMPRESSIONS at 1-800-828-6216 to order or receive a free catalog.

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