Fuji Drive

The original Fuji Half of 1963 was such a well-designed camera that Fuji made two variations -- the Fuji Drive and the Fuji Half 1.9.  The Fuji Drive appeared in 1964 and used the same body as the original and had the same features.  But, the Fuji Drive added a spring motor drive.  For picture-taking, the camera could be used in full automatic or manual exposure with the selenium meter. For auto-exposure the shutter speed dial and f-stop dial each have a "A" setting.  In auto-mode the shutter speed and f-stop are set in a programmed sequence from f2.8 at 1/30 to f22 at 1/300.  Film speeds of 12 to 200. There is a needle readout in the viewfinder to indicate the automatic settings.  The lens is a 28mm (f2.8 - 22) with close-focusing to 2 feet. It takes 22mm filters.  The shutter speeds can be set to B, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, and 1/300 second. The spring motor drive provides about 20 exposures per full winding.  The camera also has a cold shoe for flash, self-timer, tripod socket, cable release socket and PC contact built-in.  What more could you ask for?   The Fuji Drive might just be the only programmed auto-exposure camera with a motor drive that doesn't need a battery!

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