Nikoh Enica SX

A year after Nikoh modified the original Minimax to produce the Minimax Lite, they decided to do the Minimax Lite one better and added an electronic flash (built in) to the camera in 1983.  But to make room for the flash, they had to remove the lighter.  What a crazy thought -- that a photographer would find an electronic flash more useful than a cigarette lighter!  There were other changes as well.  The lens was changed to a Suzunon 14.3 mm f3.8 lens with apertures from f3.8 to f11.  The f-stops are set by a dial on the top of the camera -- the only adjustment allowed!  The lens is still fixed-focus but minimum (depth-of-field) distance is approximately 4 feet (at f11).  There is a single speed of 1/120 and the camera was available in different colors and body coverings.  The camera takes one E90 battery -- for the flash.

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