Suzuki cameras use 8mm film in a pair of tiny metal cassettes.  Specifically, you have to take regular 16mm film, which has perforations on both sides, and split it down the middle.  Then you load the cassettes.  You can't use regular or Super 8mm as the sprocket holes are not the same as with 16mm film.  The lighters in the Suzuki cameras really work and are a separate unit in the body.  The camera operates very much like a 110 camera -- but well before the 110 camera was ever thought of.  There is a tiny pin that catches the perforation of the film.  This stops the film advance and allows the shutter to release.  So you can't use unperforated film in the Suzuki cameras.  That means we are stuck with using films available in 16mm perforated size.  Fortunately there are lots to choose from -- color, B&W, negative and slide.

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