Bell and Howell/Canon Demi

Canon made agreements with Bell and Howell to sell several of their cameras in the US. The Canon Demi was just one. All the features of the Bell and Howell/Canon Demi were the same as the Canon Demi, except that the front name-plate said "BELL AND HOWELL/CANON".  It had a 28mm (f2.8-22) manually-focusing lens (5 elements in 3 groups).  Shutter speeds of B, 1/30 - 1/250.  It had a selenium meter, with a match-needle system (readout on top of camera) that set the shutter speed and aperture at the same time by turning a single ring on the front of the lens.  At f2.8 the shutter speed is 1/30, at f22 the speed is 1/250.  The settings could be made manually -- disregarding the meter -- but you were stuck with the combination of f-stop and shutter speed that it gave you as you turn the ring.  This exposure setup was used by several other half-frame cameras, such as the Soviet Agat 18.  At the B and FLASH (1/30) settings, the f-stop could be set independently of the shutter speed.  The camera also had a PC contact, but no built-in shoe.  Focus detents at 1 m, 3 m, and 15 m. The lens shows distance icons instead of numbers, however a scale on the back of the camera translates the icons into numbers.  Close-focusing to 0.8 m.  Film speed range of ISO 10 - 400.

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