Shincho Darling-16

(1957) The Shincho Darling-16 is an uncommon and unusual 16mm submini camera.  It is a vertically-styled camera and has features -- or rather a lack thereof -- which was fairly common for the time.  The Darling produces 10x14mm images through it's fixed-focus 35mm (f8.0-22) lens.  That's right, 35mm.  This is equivalent to an 85mm lens in the full-framed 35mm format.  Perhaps the lens is the best feature.  The Darling only had two speeds -- B and I (1/50) -- so you better hold that camera steady.  It used unperforated film in special cassettes.  Several accessories were made, including a flashgun, closeup lens, developing tank and more. It was only available in a black bakelite body and was also sold as the Albert.

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