Sharan Contax I

You might be saying "the Contax I was not a subminiature camera".  You'd be right, but you'd also be wrong.  This is the Sharan Contax I.  It is a new miniaturized version of the Contax I.  It produces 6.5x9mm images on Minox film.  It has a 15mm f/5.6 Azonon lens (3 elements in 3 groups), and has a single shutter speed of 1/250.  Exposure is manually controlled through the aperture.  Since the camera is so small it cannot have all of the features of the original.  It is a very simple camera, but can be used to take good quality pictures.  However, many people buy it just for display purposes.  By the end of 2001, Sharan has produced 13 miniaturized classic cameras -- quite a collection.  Somebody must be buying them, but they are not sold directly in the US.  Perhaps this will change someday soon.

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