Balda EL BR

When Minox stopped making its 110S camera, it creasted a problem for Balda.  Balda was the real manufacturer of the Minox 110 and it decided to make its own 110 camera  A comparison of features between the Balda EL BR and the Minox 110S shows that they are nearly identical cameras.  Both have electronic shutter with speeds of 4 seconds to 1/1000.  Both have a CDS meter providing aperture-priority automatic exposure control.  Both have a coupled-rangefinder.  They even look the same with the "french door" cover. The big difference is the lens.  The Minox has a 25mm (f2.8-22), 4 element/3 group lens, while the Balda sports a wider, slower 20.5mm f4.0 optic.  But this lens is no slouch.  And the camera is loaded with features -- just like the Minox 110S. And the Balda 110 cameras are easier to find than the Minox 110S, to boot.   Needs two 625 batteries -- the batteries are mounted in the film door near the hinge, but you'll need a bright light to see the orientation marks.

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