(1986) This bare-bones camera has a fixed focus lens. Single speed of 1/100. This was one of the original keychain 110 cassette cameras where the 110 cassette becomes part of the camera. The Ansco 50 is half of a 110, with the back and one side open. In later models, both sides are open. The Ansco is one step above many of the other keychain 110's. For example, the pop-up viewfinder covers the shutter release button when folded down to prevent accidental exposure. The camera comes with a built-in dark-slide that protects the camera when a cassette is not attached, and the camera even has a dark slide holder on the bottom when taking pictures. There is an eye line sight marked on the viewfinder for more accurate composition, and a set of instructions is imprinted on the bottom of the camera. The only limitation of the camera is that the cassette is hard to remove -- it takes a little force.  Keychain not built-in.  This camera was available under various give-away promotions, such as Burger King. See also the Mini 110 and the Argus 20.

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