Kodak 470 Disc

The Kodak 470 is a special camera not because of its features, but because of the complete lack of reference to this camera by Kodak. There are many timelines and model information available on Kodak cameras - by Kodak itself and numerous Kodak collectors. There are also numerous references to all the Kodak disc models in various books and magazines. But nowhere, will you able to find reference to the existence of this model.  The Kodak disc 470 camera was a premium model. Kodak marketed premium models for groups that used these cameras as sales incentives, or were provided as prizes and therefore, had no suggested list price. This camera was introduced in January 1986 and discontinued in September 1990.  The camera itself is identical to the Kodak disc 3600 camera and Challenger model. The only difference is the labeling/identification of the 470 model.

Kodak always made tons of any of their models and this camera should not be as scarce/rare as it seems, but it is not commonly found. The lens is 15mm f4.0 with three glass elements.  Focus is fixed, with depth of field frfom 4 feet to infinity.  Exposure was fixed, f/4.0 at 1/300 second. Film advance was automatic and motorized. The camera had a built-in flash with a range of 4 to 20 feet. A flash-ready light indicates the charge and the flash flashes every time - a flash defeat switch is built-in. Flash-ready light recycles in 4 to 8 seconds with fresh batteries. The camera uses 2 AA-size alkaline batteries (loaded from the front). This provides enough power to expose approximately 25 discs with normal use.

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