Minolta Pocket Autopak 460-TX

I guess the X in TX stands for XTRA.  And that's what this camera has over the 460-T -- EXTRAS!  Updated version of 460-T. The main difference is that it has an illuminated distance scale on top of the camera when the flash is activated (because you're shooting in the dark). Switchable 26mm (f3.5-f8.0) / 43mm (f4.7-f13.5), zone focusing (3.3 ft to infinity) lens. Mechanical shutter with speed of 1/200. CDS meter provides programmed exposure control. 3-position aperture setting, for sun, cloudy, or flash .  Built-in flash.  1 1/8 x 2 3/8 x 6 1/2" .  100 or 400 speed film.  The telephoto lens is also a good macro: the view from 3.3' is only 9x11" --  about the same as when using the close-up lens on the model 450E.  Viewfinder shows a red warning LED if the built-in flash needs to be selected.  There is also an audible low-light alarm.  When flash is selected, the distance scale glows green for easy focusing.  The viewfinder LED and an external orange light flicker when the flash is ready.  Built-in sliding lens cover locks the shutter.  No close-up lens, tripod socket, or cable release socket. The camera uses a single AA cell.

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