HIT-sized cameras made their debut in the 1930's.  And whenever the cameras were made and wherever they were sold, the film was aslo available -- sometimes with processing.  And while HIT-sized cameras are still being made in a few corners of the world, new models are very hard to purchase in most countries.  It's even more difficult to find the film.  Sometimes you can run across packs of Hit film, but 99 out of 100 times the film is left-over stock from the 1950's -- completely useless for pictorial purposes.  But don't despair, GOATHILL PHOTO has come to the rescue and offers a small selection of 17.5mm film for your HIT-size camera.  The film is available in B&W and color versions with a film speed around 100.  (Most Hit-size cameras had a single shutter speed of 1/50 or 1/60 and a single aperture of f11.  This fixed exposure setting requires ISO 100 speed film for a correct exposure.)  The film comes in short lengths -- not on spools.  That means you have to reload your spools yourself, but if you can successfully reload a HIT-sized camera, you can easily reload the spools.  All you need is a pair of old spools with the old paper-backing, a pair of scissors, a bit of tape, a few minutes of time, some patience and a dark room.  For more details check out GOATHILL's website at

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