Announcing the availability of MINOCOLOR PRO FILM for Minox 8X11 Cameras.  RATED AT ISO 100, the film is "state of the art" in film emulsion technology.

Improvements in film have always been very beneficial to the superbly sharp Minox 8X11 lens. Minocolor PRO breaks new ground with its abilities to record the sharpness of the magnificent lens in your Minox. This "new emulsion" is the finest improvement in color film we have ever experienced.

Minocolor PRO" with 15 exposures should be in stock at your local Minox dealer by April.

In May, the "NEW EXPOSURE LENGTH" of 30 Exposure Minocolor PRO will also be available. PRO has a heavy, sturdy base which is thicker than previously used film types. It is because of this thickness, that it is only possible to spool a maximum of 30 exposures in the Minox cartridge.

We can't wait for you to experience the pleasure of seeing the quality of the pictures which are made from this film. It is available now. We hope we can rush delivery of this fantastic film into your film chambers with the following enticement.

# MP15: ...15 exposure Minocolor PRO Film and Prepaid PROcessing Mailer ..... $17.45.

This special offer will expire on April 15 1997.

Call: 800 645 8172 to place an order. (USA)

Fax: 516 775 8924 World Wide

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