Actually they've never been gone, but it's a catchy headline.

There are many subminis that were designed for flash bulb use and will not work with the newer electronic flashes of today.  The newer units might actually connect to an electronic flash, and the flash might even fire, but the exposure might be off.  Flash bulbs and electronic flash need to be synchronized to the shutter in different ways and depending on your camera, you might need flash bulbs if you want to work with articicial illumination.  Some adapters were made (check out the CAMERA SHOP) but these are hard to find and only fit certain cameras.  

But back to the point.  Flash bulbs are still being made, despite many rumors.  If you spend a good portion of your life rummaging through discard bins at camera stores for those long-lost bulbs, you are in luck.  Cress Photo has assembled a substantial inventory of every type of flash bulb ever produced.  The company can supply technical information on usage, and supply customer' requirements worldwide.  

Contact Cress Photo at
P.O.Box 4262
Wayne, NJ 07474

or phone (973)-694-1280

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