Agfapan 25, a favorite to many submini users, is undoubtedly headed for extinction. In the latest catalog from AGFA, Agfapan 25 (35mm) is only available in the 36 exposure roll. This is the last stage before a manufacturer completely discontinues a film.

The first cut was Agfapan 25 in the 4x5 size. Then it was discontinued in the 100 foot and 25 foot lengths (35mm). Then the shorter 35mm rolls were cut (such as 24 exposure). The next step will, no doubt, be complete removal from their catalog. This will be a shame, since Agfapan 25 is the finest grain, highest acutance, normal development film available. Sure, there are many other B&W films that have higher sharpness, but they are microfilms where the ISO is close to ZERO and the developing takes the patience of a rocket-scientist! (If you have any questions about this check out the Nov/Dec issue of PHOTO TECHNIQUES -- where it beats Kodak TMAX 100 hands down)

If you are a MINOX user of Agfapan 25, this affects you as well. You are not immune to these decisions. When Agfa discontinues Agfapan 25 (35mm), it will not majically be available to you. Your supplier will simply tell you "Sorry, we can no longer obtain this item".

At this point, you have two options, if you are interested in getting some Agfapan 25. One, you can stock up on Agfapan 25 rolls, in the 35 exposure size. Make sure you get enough to last the rest of your lifetime -- I hope you have a LARGE freezer. You can also get Agfapan 25 in the 50 foot length, but this is a special order and will take a few weeks to get. Second, you can write to Agfa and let them know that you want them to continue to manufacture Agfapan 25. This is the ONLY way to make sure that they continue to manufacture it. Simply send a letter saying "please continue manufacturing Agfapan 25 in all formats" to:

Eric Flem, Marketing Manager Film
Photo Imaging Syatems
Agfa Division, Bayer Corp.
100 Challenger Road
Ridgefield, NJ 07660

Even if you don't currently use Agfapan 25, do it for the other submini users who DO us it!.. Who knows, someday you may want to try some.

You can still order Agfapan 25 in 50 foot rolls aas a special item. Any Agfa dealer should be able to do this for you. If you have trouble, you can get it from B&H camera in New York. Here are there specifics:
B&H Photo, 119 West 17th Street, New York, NY 10011
+1-800-947-9970 or +1-212-444-6670 voice,
+1-800-947-7008 or +1-212-242-1400 fax
email photo:
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