Minox won't release its sales figures to us, but Brian Bell (head of Minox USA sales) did confirm that sales of the EC and TLX are way up in the last few months and that film sales are up 30% in the US. This may partially be due to increased advertising since Leica took over Minox, but other factors are undoubtedly involved, as well.

Increased sales of new cameras usually leads to increased film sales, but Brian is sure that people are also taking old cameras out of the drawer and using them. Good news, indeed.  And who knows, maybe more home processing is going on as well.

There was a hint that the upcoming VisComm could bring some interesting developments.  Viscomm, now known as PhotoPlus is a series of trade shows for the photography industry.  The upcoming show in New York will be at the Jacob Javits Center October 30 through November 1.  (for more details check out the PhotoPlus web site)   The Minox booth will be independent of the Leica booth this year and not even adjacent.  Brian suggests Minoxers turn up thursday and friday, rather than saturday, in order to get some personal attention.

P.S. If you should show up, make sure to let everyone know about the SUBCLUB!

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