KODAK TO MAKE A 110 SHIFT (7/12/97)

First the bad new.  Kodak Gold 200 is being phased out. It is still being manufactured, but dealers are being forewarned of its discontinuation in the near future. The current expiration dates on this film are anywhere in 1999, so Pentax and Minolta 110 SLR users (and others who care) may want to stock up before it's too late.  There are several other companies that still make 110 film in the 200 speed, so there is no need to panic, now is as good a time as any to fill that freezer. Check out the CAMERA SHOP for more details.

Now the good news.  Kodak has no plans of discontinuing the 110 format. The new Kodak GOLD (no ASA speed indicated, but it's 400) will be the only Kodak 110 film manufactured. Kodak Gold 400 is now available in a 12 exposure cassette, in addition to the 24 exposure cassette. Check out,+110+size for more information.

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