Minolta made quite a number of TLR cameras from the 1930's to the 1960's.  They came in many styles with many different features. Some used 120, 220, 127 and even 35mm film.  And several had unique features, as you will see.

There are several confounding factors with Minolta TLRs, but it also applies to many other cameras of the same time period. The Minolta TLR cameras changed and evolved over time, but frequently the official name of the camera did not. For example, you might see the same name on a camera but with different lenses, different shutters or different features. In addition, these variations might be unoffically referred to as model I or model II, but Minolta never used those designations. In other instances, Minolta used the exact same name for cameras that are clearly very different.

To make matters worse, Minolta used various confusing names: Minoltacord, Minoltaflex, Minolta Autocord, Minolta Automat, Minoltaflex Automat, etc. It gets pretty messy. Keep all of this in mind when exploring these Minolta TLR cameras.

The later models used a bayonet filter style and Minolta made about a dozen different filters. Filters from other manufacturers can also be used. If you are able to provide more accurate information than is listed here, please contact us.


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