Photos by Steve Henshall

Minox B

"This is the second shot. Just a scenic taken at Uvas Reservoir south of San Jose, CA in the foothills at about 1:30pm. Same roll as the bottle picture and shot at about 300th of a sec with the focus set to 12 feet (red dot) for maximum depth of field. Scanned same as the other picture into Adobe. One small spot on negative in the upper branches of closest tree overhang. I corrected with Adobe and otherwise no alteration to the image. I have to admit I expected problems since I did not know if the meter was anywhere near accurate. All the pictures were very acceptable from very low light light to bright day. The negatives look good. I was very happy with the apparent lack of grain in the pictures. I hope I can achieve similar results with the darkroom equipment I have purchased. I will try my hand at the C-41 process on the next color roll."

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