Photo by Michael S. Goldfarb

Minox IIIS

Antique Grape Press, Muscoot Farm Park, Somers, New York (1998)

"Another lovely piece of obsolete technology! This was one of a group of farm machines on display in an old barn. It was lit by one small spotlight, which really brought out the texture in the cast iron. I kneeled down and hand-held at 1/5, and amazingly there's no camera movement."

1956 Minox IIIS with Agfapan 100 film, exposure probably 1/5. Developed in D-76 1:1 and printed at 4x5" on Luminos Flexicon VC RC with #2 filter using a 1950s Omega D3 enlarger with a 50mm EL-Nikkor lens. Scanned to PCX file at 200dpi, then scaled back to 4x5" and converted to JPEG with minor contrast/brightness corrections.

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