Photos by Pete Zimmerman

Minox LX

"The tree is in my yard, and was the first of the pictures taken."

"The Wrigley Building in Chicago became a perfect test subject because of the range of brightnesses and the sharpness of the detail; this particular shot was printed with contrast grade 2; when I use a grade 1 or 1/2 filter there is more detail in the bridge tower and less brilliance in the building."

"The light fixture is in front of one of the buildings where I work and is going to be a standard subject, shot in all lighting and weather throughout the year. It is very modern, very reflective, and a real challenge to exposure, development, and enlarging technique."

"I've also included some electronic enlargements of the scans; the segments would be enlarged at least to the 11x14 level if printed on paper. The demonstrate the enormous resolution of the Minox lens and, in the picture of the tree, the great depth of field."

All three pictures were shot on a single roll of Tech Pan film developed in Rodinal diluted 1:100 with a solution of 56 gm anhydrous sodium sulfite per liter of water. This dilute developer controls the contrast well and also produces the best sharpness I can manage. They were shot using a Minox LX with the EI set to 50, not the usual 25, although I would back off to EI 32 in the future to have a little more margin for error. All pictures were enlarged using a Beseler 23CII enlarger with a Componon 50mm lens onto Ilford Multigrade IV Portfolio paper and scanned at 200 dpi in an 'Easy Photo' scanner, about as simple as one can get. The silver prints run about 5x7", the largest I can scan. "

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