Photo by Michael S. Goldfarb

Minox IIIS

Jenkinsen's Amusement Park, Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey (1998)

"Another night shot that shouldn't have worked, but does, and BEAUTIFULLY. The high resolution and punchy contrast of the T-Max emulsion captures that summer-night feeling perfectly. I particularly love the mom with the camcorder in the foreground. (Too bad you can't see the original - this 100dpi scan really doesn't do it justice.)"

1956 Minox IIIS with T-Max 100 film, exposure probably 1/5. Developed in D-76 1:1 and printed at 5x7" on Luminos Flexicon VC RC paper with a #2 filter using a 1950s Omega D3 enlarger with a 50mm EL-Nikkor lens. Scanned to PCX file at 100dpi, then converted to JPEG with minor contrast/brightness corrections.

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