Photo by Kenneth Trettin

Minox B

"Subminature cameras are great for many reasons; the two major reasons being they are small and unobtrusive allowing candid photos and they are easy to carry and therefore, can almost always be with you. Novelist Mickey Spillane, author of the Mike Hammer mysteries, commented that he once had a camera like my Minox B. And what better camera to photograph him with than a 'detective camera.' He's shown here at the University of Iowa library reception for the premier of a video about his career. He is with my son in law Shawn FitzGerald, the editor of the video."

T-Maax 100, T-Max developer, printed on Polycontrast RC paper with an Omega B7 using a El Nikkor 50 mm lens. The grain on the 5 x 3.5 inch print appear a little soft, typical of my experience with the Omega and the 50 mm lens."

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