Photo by Michael .S. Goldfarb

Minox IIIS

Horse's Head and Beyond, Muscoot Farm Park, Somers, New York (1998)

"A good example of the unique imaging and depth of field possible with the Minox Complan lens. When I took the picture, I was mostly concerned with framing the horse properly in the gate. But when I printed it, there was all this farm imagery behind the horse moving back to infinity! The pony, the shed, the cows on the hill, the trees... it reminds me of the crowded symbolic backgrounds in some Renaissance paintings."

1956 Minox IIIS with Agfapan 100 film, exposure probably 1/200. Developed in D-76 1:1 and printed at 4x5" on Luminos Flexicon VC RC with #2-1/2 filter using a 1950s Omega D3 enlarger with a 50mm EL-Nikkor lens. Scanned to PCX file at 200dpi, then scaled back to 4x5" and converted to JPEG with minor contrast/brightness corrections.

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